What Griya Sekatama Mandiri Advantages?

  • With the ability to efficiently manage the operational team and extensive network of suppliers that we have, then we can give the best price to every client that we handle
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  • We have a team of highly competent and professional in their respective fields to obtain maximum results and timely completion for each project we work
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  • We have a design team with high creativity to provide the best design recommendations for each type and the type of building that is owned by our clients
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  • Warranty for 6 months free service we provide for each product furniture / furniture we do
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Our Client

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Who Are We

We are that is engaged in consulting busineses, interior, furniture, exhibition

ntil now have been participating actively and help implement the plan, in particular the development of the pattern space that complies with the standars

Build All Types

  • Home/minimalis/modern
  • Office 
  • Condomonium / Apartment
  • Hotel / Convention Centre
  • Cafe / Restaurant / Bar
  • Showroom, Retail Store, Outlet ets
  • Penthouse


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 info(@) griyasekatamamandiri.com
 021 58909945
 021 58909945
Jln. Joglo Raya NO.72 B Kelurahan Joglo

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